The Office of the Future

The Office of the Future, is it already here? The concept of the office of the future also known as the “paperless office“ comes back from the 40´s yet the future workplace may not be entirely free of office spaces and desks, but a hybrid where companies have to support of both remote and virtual […]

The Home of Tomorrow

This year’s Home of Tomorrow at Downtown Design Dubai will blend cutting-edge technology with high-end design, and showcase how one can create the ultimate living experience with the touch of a button.  Aimed at transforming our everyday lives, the installation will feature window-blinds that roll up and down following sunset and sunrise timings, high-tech bulbs […]

Fancy a coffee in a toilet ???

Have a coffee in a public toilet must sound a bit weird to most of us but it is not far from  true reality in London. The idea came out when Pete Tomlinson and Ben Russel  acquired an 1890′s victorian style london lavatory and converted it into a clean contemporary cafe.  That´s so ‘The Attendant‘ features […]

Virtual and Augmented Reality Tourism Market

The Augmented Reality is an experience that connects the real world to the virtual one in real time . The Design of the smartphone devices, and more recently Google’s project Glass, Augmented Reality (AR), merges the physical envoirment with virtual information faster day by day. But such resources are still under-utilised in the field of […]

Water Building Resort – Green Project

The Solar-Powered Water Drop Building Produces Drinking Water from  Air The Resort is the first building that transforms Air into Water powered by a facade of building integrated photovoltaics, the mixed-use structure designed by Orlando de Urrutia & Asociados Architects is shaped to resemble a water drop. The idea is to use TeexMicron technology to […]

Where do Jumbo Jets go to die? The 747 Hostel

Recycle or die, the experience to stay overnight in a Jumbo jet that no longer flies ….   The 747 Hostel in Stockholm just off the Arlanda Airport is where you can spend the night onboard a real jumbo jet – on the ground!    With a huge concrete foundation laid and the jet´s landing […]

EcoArk – Una Arquitectura Sostenible

Una mega-estructura construida con botellas de plástico recicladas ubicada en Taiwan       EcoARK fue construido con 1.5 millones de botellas de plástico PET, buscando crear conciencia sobre la importancia del reciclaje con tres objetivos: “Reducir, Reutilizar y Reciclar.”. Consta de tres pisos de altura, dispone de un anfiteatro, una sala de exposiciones y […]

Where Architects Live

    “Where Architects Live” is an original installation, inspired by leading contemporary architects’ own concepts of the domestic space, conceived as a cultural accompaniment to the Salone del Mobile 2014. The exhibition has been specially devised for the Salone, providing an exclusive glimpse into “rooms” designed by eight of the world’s most respected architects: Shigeru Ban, Mario Bellini, David […]

Los Hermanos Scott logran vencer el miedo a la REFORMA

  Con el nombre original de Property Brother, Jonathan y Drew Scott han creado  un programa de reformas bien estructurado donde podemos ver las posibilidades de cada vivienda. Está producido por Cineflix y emitido originalmente en la Cadena W en Canadá y la HGTV en Estados Unidos. En España se emite en el canal Divinity de la TDT y el […]

Five Star Master BedRoom – Mercer Hotel Barcelona

Ubicado el barrio gótico, el Mercer Hotel Barcelona es uno de los hoteles boutiques más exclusivos de la ciudad. El proyecto de rehabilitación a cargo del arquitecto Rafael Moneo y el Equipo de Interiorismo Mercer Hotels, han logrado encontrar el equilibrio entre los elementos tradicionales y los de nueva construcción, recuperando un patrimonio de gran valor para Barcelona. […]